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Join the crew of The Eclipse on their missions and journeys throughout the Universe in this Comic Book turned to a Visual Novel.  

10 Years after the events of the comic book the crew is back on a new mission.  See what happens as the story unfolds! (Check out the comic for free from our web-site https://taboo.media )

Updated 13 days ago
Published 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
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TagsAdult, Space, Story Rich


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Your idea is very good but it will be a problem for new people who follow your work in the game as not everyone knows about the comic and also downloading more than one game to complete the story of the game will be a little annoying for VN players My suggestion to you is to expedite any update and new additions in one game and divide it to episodes like this game for example ep1 (Introduction to the story) But putting more than one game to complete the events will be annoying for the players and maybe even for you in the future after the events progress

If I'm understanding what you're saying:  That's the plan.  We'll be making releases regularly for the VN.  (It's really not much a "Game" as a virtual novel.  Recently added an intro section as well to explain that a bit better, but won't come out till the next "Scene" is complete.  -- We didn't want to do "episode" releases, as it would cause things to be released slower. 

As to not knowing the comic, I get that. The comic is available to read on our website as well (https://taboo.media) So if they wanted to read that, they certainly could.  Part of the way we're doing the scenes is to add the "Backstory" of people so that this can "Stand alone" for new readers.  

On the Discord Server we've asked people if they would rather have the "Full Act" releases or "Scene" releases, and most people are saying they would like it released by scenes because they want to see how the story progresses rather than once a quarter or whatever having a full Act done.  Until that changes, we'll be sticking to the release schedule we have currently.  

Thank you for your input and suggestions!

the game looks really good thank you TabooMedia for the game, It says here V1.0 and the status is Released, is this mean the game is complete

Not entirely -- The first Scene is fully released.  --  We decided that with this, since it'll be an ongoing type of VN that we'll release it in smaller "Scenes"  in order to keep design and writing motivated.  This way we get at least one release a month rather than trying to do an entire "Act" at once making releases more spread out.  Plus we believe it'll help people stay engaged with the series.  The 1 is simple "First act" and the 0 is  more of the Scene marker. There will probably be v 1.0.1 etc...  As we've already made some changes, and UI improvements.  (Things that were forgotten, etc.)  

V1.0 is a short introduction to his crew (harem) just before the set off on their first mission. It does look good.

Thank you!